Marketers have their hands full in their everyday lives. Some of these include planning campaigns, setting up e-mails, creating content, generating leads, qualifying them and measuring success. Most of these tasks involve recurring routines. This is where marketing automation comes in. Prioritize and automate tasks with dedicated software.

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Increase in efficiency

To do this, stay in contact with your prospects, for example by e-mail, and use a marketing automation software. This is to generate not only messages that are sent automatically, but also contain a personal address. This is how you stand out from the impersonal mass mails of other providers.

With marketing automation tools, not only can personalized newsletters be sent. The entire campaigns can also be implemented that map the customer journey from A to Z. Within the software, users manage all campaigns in a central location and can send them to different customer groups in a targeted manner.

Generate more quality leads

The more individual and relevant the content is for the individual recipient, the more he feels understood in his daily challenges or pain points. This increases the enthusiasm of potential video gaming chairs customers immensely.

So far, so logical. But where do you get this information from? Marketing automation systems also help here. You can use marketing automation systems to efficiently transform cold leads into hot ones. After making contact through your website, search engines, or social media, offer your potential customers other ways to interact with you.

Real collaboration between marketing and sales

The use of a marketing automation tool excludes this scenario from the outset. Before generating leads, marketing and sales can jointly define categories and criteria that are relevant for the successful sale of a product.

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Increase in sales efficiency

Have you generated suitable leads and passed them on to your sales colleagues? Then they can now enjoy the usability of the marketing automation software that your business use. You automatically send follow-up emails to customers and keep them in their minds.

If certain tasks result from the communication, you can assign them to the responsible colleague in the tool. The system notifies him that his expertise is required. If he does not process the request in a reasonable amount of time, automatic reminders keep reminding him of this. In this way, they cover everything and the quality of customer service increases.