The term enterprise software was adopted from English and has no clearly definable meaning. Rather, it is a collective term for any type of application software that organizations or companies use.

Scope is crucial

Accordingly, companies oppose business software to software for private use. In practice, however, the transitions are often fluid here, since office applications, for example, are used both in the professional and private sectors.

So it’s not just about the software itself, but also about its area of ​​application.

Added-value of business software

In the operational context, people use business software in many areas and for different purposes. All areas have one thing in common. She supports companies in achieving their goals. For instance, the software can help companies to achieve their goals of providing detailed products and reviews to their clients.

Types of business software

With regard to the areas of application of business software, you should always note that no clear demarcation you can make here either.

This is due to the fact that in practice the subject areas merge or there may be overlaps between different areas. Essentially, experts must make a distinction between business software for business purposes and for technical purposes.

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Business software for business purposes

Enterprise software for business purposes can cover the areas:

  • Materials management
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Marketing
  • Financial economy
  • Human resource management
  • Logistics

Enterprise software for technical purposes

Business software for technical purposes is used in the technical areas of a company. What all these systems have in common is that they usually begin with the letters “CA” for “computer-aided”. For this reason, experts also refer to this as “C-techniques”.

This is how companies benefit from business software

You can say that there is no sharp demarcation between business software and software for the private sector. Rather, the area of ​​application of software decides whether it is business software or not.

Business software is versatile

Businessmen can use the software in many areas. Both in terms of technical and operational purposes, business software supports the respective company with appropriate functions.

Benefits of enterprise software

In the age of digitization, you can no longer avoid the use of business software. For this reason, companies should not oppose the purchase of suitable software.

The right business software can give companies a decisive competitive advantage. They use resources more efficiently or gain valuable insights into their customers.