Backend, frontend and full stack developers are all sought-after programmers who develop software.

In software engineering, you have to develop and manufacture software systems. In order to put these into operation, you have to organize and model data structures for shoes and boots wholesale LA.

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Software developers create the software in a defined development process. This includes the phases:

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  • Planning
  • Analyze
  • Draft
  • Programming
  • Validation and verification
  • Requirements management
  • Quality management
  • Configuration management
  • Software introduction
  • Documentation

In the process of software development, different professions find their individual tasks. In addition to programmers and developers, data scientists, software architects, mobile developers, DevOps developers or Scrum Masters can also be involved. Mobile developers develop applications that run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Software developer for shoes and boots wholesale LA

There is no such thing as one software developer. Behind this job title are the professions of programmer, frontend developer, backend developer or full stack developer.

Front-end developer

Front-end developers mainly design the web interface based on HTML, CSS or JavaScript. You program what the user can see in the end, the user interface. In addition to development, the area of ​​responsibility also includes the user interface and user experience. His repertoire also includes the design of web applications with social features, system applications or apps. Since the layout was usually specified by the web designer, front-end developers primarily implement the technical functions. In smaller companies, the development in the front end can also include aesthetic design.

Backend developer

Backend developers program applications in their functional logic. The so-called backend are all applications behind the surface. The software communicates the data with the clients, for which the developer provides an interface, the API. These are the visible front-end applications. The developers, therefore, integrate data sources and external services or provide them. If the servers are not located in the company but are outsourced in a cloud, one speaks of a serverless concept.

Full stack developer

Fullstack developers combine the skills of backend and frontend developers, but are also able to take on the tasks of system administrators, data scientists and machine learning developers. They often mediate between the backend and the frontend. Since they have know-how in many fields of activity, they do not have as in-depth knowledge as pure backend or frontend developers. In addition, individual activities are constantly changing.