The web developer knows his tools well. He knew the best hosting (see reviews at Superbhosts) and what will work for a certain website. Do you know that the most important tool for a web developer is the HTML editor? In this post, let’s take a look at 3 best HTML editors that most web developers use.

HTML is the foundation of the Internet. If you are a Web developer or want to become a Web developer, you need a powerful HTML editor. Of course, you can use a text editor to create your website, but there are other ways to make it beautiful and comfortable. For example, good syntax coloring (syntax highlighting and useful code completion) is especially important in HTML editors. Check out the 13 HTML editors we selected and tested.

CoffeeCup HTML editor

CoffeeCup is a product that provides free and paid versions​​. CoffeeCup Free is a pure code editor, suitable for HTML, Markdown and CSS. Provides syntax highlighting and auto-completion, as well as integrated data transfer to your website via FTP.

Manage the code snippets in the library. The content used on each page of the website is stored in the component library. You can update your content centrally here. CoffeeCup also recognizes hundreds of polyfills and JavaScript to ensure compatibility with older browsers.

Even in the free version, the tool already knows how to manage your website as a project. However, the paid version only checks these dependencies, so it won’t be as expensive as $29. Here you can find useful features, such as code verification and cleanup, and easy installation of fonts and media files.

In addition to the HTML editor, CoffeeCup also offers a variety of products. There is also a WYSIWYG editor with many paid extensions. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars here. The CoffeeCup kit is only available on the Windows platform.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a free HTML editor provided by Microsoft. The company is headquartered in Redmond and has mature products. It uses Visual Studio Code to develop a fan base in a short period of time, almost forgetting the noble texts it used to like.

Visual Studio Code can be used on macOS and Linux as well as Windows. This means you can work on multiple platforms with the same comfort and functionality.

VS Code can be easily extended by extension. You can use different themes to make visual changes. VS Code works directly with Github to provide very good syntax highlighting and advanced code completion variants for different languages.

The update cycle of VS Code is 4 weeks. The monthly change log is very large. This product has been extensively developed with the wishes of the user community taken seriously. In addition to optical and functional enhancement options, VS Code does not ignore user support. Comprehensive documentation is provided, and the Redmond-based company also provides the first popular tutorial video.

Atom by Github

The name speaks for itself, Atom is a free HTML editor on Github (now part of Microsoft). This is because Atom is completely modular. Many open source contributions are grouped around the smallest program core. The so-called package is a package that allows you to extend the functionality of Github tools almost freely.

Version control works seamlessly because Atom works directly with Github. You can fine-tune your add-ons using the packages already mentioned. You can also create your own package to use in the community.

Atom also has two groundbreaking software packages that are of particular interest to developers. In fact, Atom can now be extended to almost real IDEs. This allows you to manage the entire project. For example, you can view which variables are in the project. IDE can also be activated using language packs of any programming language. Atom is available for Windows, macOS and Linux, and development is very active.