App developers often look for clients among businesses looking to integrate a mobile application to enhance the efficiency of their affiliate marketing program. In turn, businesses with affiliate marketing programs compensate the developer for letting them advertise their products and services. Mobile app affiliate marketing is quickly becoming popular due to its effectiveness in widening the reach of businesses. At the same time, it enables developers to grow their user base and earn additional income.

Even more important is that mobile app marketing is cost effective. Aside from potential revenue growth, mobile app integration can help improve business security as well as make the advertising process well organized.

Affiliate marketers on the other hand, are more inclined to join marketing programs with mobile apps. Mainly because it increases their own chances of getting their audience to click on their own affiliate referral links, to purchase an item or to downloads another app.

However, free app users are more inclined to choose user-friendly apps that do not employ intrusive advertising techniques. As it is, mobile apps that interrupt user experience with pop up messages and push notifications are less appealing and are not effective as a mobile app marketing strategy.

According a Nielsen report, 61% of app users found out about new applications or products through another app used by professionals or personal acquaintances. The statistic confirms what most app developers know all along.

What Makes Mobile App Affiliate Marketing Effective?

Brand promotion without being intrusive and assertive allows greater optimization in the use of app as advertising tool. Consumers will only see links at the corner, which doesn’t take as much space the way push notifications and pop-ups do.

A mobile app for affiliate marketing is more effective if the advertisements appearing as links are related to the interest of the app users. As consumers, ads appearing in affiliate applications appear as a relevant recommendation in an organic digital environment. App users therefore are more likely to purchase the product or service advertised. which earns the additional revenue for the developer and advertiser.

New Affiliate Marketers Should Stay on On Top of New Developments

Internet marketing authority Jeff Lerner gives advice to new affiliate marketers to stay on top of current developments in the digital realm. Nowadays, promoting a brand of product or service is no longer limited to creating content.

In Lerner’s review of what works and what doesn’t in the affiliate marketing world, he noted that some are not harnessing other digital marketing channels such as social media sites, informative videos, podcasts and the likes, in order to broaden their marketing reach.

Mobile app affiliate marketing is an example of the latest trend in the affiliate marketing industry new marketers should explore.
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