In a recent developer video, Riot Games gave a preview of the upcoming content for League of Legends: Wild Rift. Among other things, the makers also talked about the console version of the MOBA. But fans still have to be patient here. According to Riot Games, the offshoot will no longer appear this year for PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. The team has not revealed why the fans have to wait so long for the console version.

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The mobile version of Wild Rift was released for iOS and Android in late 2020. With the launch of Update 3.1 on March 24, 2022, existing players can look forward to some new features for League of Legends: Wild Rift this year. For example, the elemental dragons are introduced, which veterans should already know from the original. However, only three of the four known types will make it to the mobile version – the Infernal Dragon, Mountain Dragon, and Ocean Dragon.

The Elder Dragon appears once a team has grabbed the soul. The launch of Elemental Dragons is currently scheduled for patch 3.3. In addition, revisions of items and the release of numerous new skins for various champions are planned.

What are the Best League of Legends Tools in the Market?

League of Legends is among the popular games in the market today. They have a huge fanbase playing the game almost every day. A lot of them are looking for tools to help them get better at it. Tools like lol scripts were created thanks to the continuing popularity of the MOBA game.

This is why we have put together this list with the best tools that you can find on the market right now. Whether you are looking for a way to track your stats, improve your gameplay, or just have a good time with friends, you will find something useful here.

  • LOL Master (Free)
  • LOL Replay (Free)
  • League Friends (Free)
  • League Tracker (Paid-Subscription Required)
  • LoLKing (Paid-Subscription Required

Which League of Legends Tool Fits Your Needs?

The League of Legends tool that best suits your needs depends on what you want to do with the software. There are many different types of tools, each with different uses. You can use an LoL programming language to create custom mods or make changes to the game’s code. You can also use some league programming languages that are specifically designed for creating bots or managing other aspects of the game like matchmaking, balancing, and scripting.