Craftsmanship in jewelry design had always been a skill that, then, only a few can do. But with the introduction of ever-developing technology, jewelry design has become easy and thus became open to anyone who has an interest in the jewelry industry. Designing jewelry from rings to necklaces like Butterfly Necklace can now be done quickly and easily through CAD technology.

Jewelry Design with CAD Technology

Design and model something as individual and emotional as jewelry with CAD / CAM technology? An only apparent contradiction: With today’s CAD / CAM technology, it is no longer a problem to develop and construct geometric and organic shapes, the finest structures or even closures – as well as movable and multi-part objects, which would be time-consuming and complicated to manufacture by hand.

And best of all – you are included in the design process online or offline in every project phase and can contribute your ideas and correction requests.

Your advantages

• Development and construction of the model according to a sketch or dimensioned working drawing.

• The CAD / CAM technology enables the realization of organic and geometric shapes, of symmetries, fine structures, filigree and hollow shapes as well as of movable and multi-part objects, the production of which would be time-consuming and complicated by hand.

• Development and construction process in close customer coordination online or offline with correction options in every project phase.

• Delivery of blanks or model parts for further processing or completely in digital form or three-dimensional in the desired material.

• The models have the technical and formal quality of handcrafted pieces.

• The models can easily be varied, mirrored or scaled.

• The models can be adapted for different stone sizes and ring widths.

• Economic development of a set from the basic model.

The world is changing and so is the jewelry industry. It has now adapted to technology that was unimaginable in the early days of jewelry making. Now, goldsmiths have great tools that allow them to play with their creativity and come up with great jewelry designs.