Contrary to popular belief, the online arcade game community is still strong. Even in today’s modern society driven by graphics, many dedicated online arcade communities have survived. Despite the advances in computer graphics technology today, these communities refuse to disappear and die. The community is as strong as ever. This may be mainly due to the fact that the online arcade gaming community still manages to host regular tournaments and provide generous cash prizes to the winners.

In May 2007, the Pacman Championship was held in New York City and hosted by Xbox Live. The winner of the contest received 100,000 Microsoft points and a Pac Man Live Arcade award, but what he really wanted was the only Xbox 360 game console in the world inspired by Pac Man. The finalists came from Australia and New York. New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Japan, Middle East, Asia, Mexico, United States and Canada. All of these have been selected as the judging criteria for the Xbox Live arcade game.

The online arcade community has benefited from the growth of games – these may come from the f95zone community or steam or epic launchers. Multiplayer Games-The close community of online game players is probably because they belong to different eras and they are constantly competing with all new competitors.But as many arcade games have experienced the resurgence of handheld consoles and apps, it is safe to say that the online gaming community will continue to exist. Over the years, the game community has experienced many challenges, but this has made them stronger. Although the number of online arcade contributors in the community has increased due to the emergence of the Internet, the community still maintains close contact.