In the course of digitalization, the building facade cleaning industry is also facing a significant change. A Berlin facility management provider is facing up to the challenges and is currently testing a software-supported cleaning solution. Why this is urgently needed.

Increasingly digitized, networked processes on the one hand and new building usage models such as mobile workplaces on the other hand are increasingly shaping market requirements in building cleaning. In the course of its continuous innovation management, Gegenbauer Services has therefore introduced the IntelliClean system from the Swiss company Post Immobilien and tested it extensively.

Post Immobilien developed the software solution in order to optimize the use of cleaners in its own company using data analysis and reporting and to ensure optimum transparency about which cleaning services were performed with the smart cleaning program. At the CMS Berlin 2019 trade fair, the system was nominated for the Purus Innovation Award in the category “Digital Tools and Systems”.

From standard cleaning to dynamic route planning

IntelliClean is based on the intelligent collection and linking of sensor, occupancy and weather data, which determine the actual cleaning requirements of individual premises and thus create the basis for dynamic route planning.

The IntelliClean application displays a building plan to the cleaners on a tablet and displays the specific cleaning requirements or the required service type.

Thanks to self-learning algorithms, the tours are also continuously optimized. The sensors used are immediately ready for use and communicate via the IOT network LPN without prior integration into the IT environment.

The Web application IntelliClean provides fact-based data visualizations and transparent decision-making bases for the various user groups. Since only movement data is collected sensory, the protection of personal data does not constitute a legal obstacle to application.

Building is equipped with sensors

In concrete use, the system is located in a large, owner-occupied object of the Gegenbauer group of companies in Berlin. The building was equipped with sensors that determine the usage data and transmit it to the cleaners’ tablets via a cloud solution and algorithms.

Important questions for the test phase include:

  • Which specific use cases can be mapped with IntelliClean
  • What framework conditions currently exist in Germany and should be taken into account in the introduction
  • How the acceptance of the system is on the part of the cleaners

New office usage concepts are changing building cleaning

For Christian Kloevekorn, member of the Board of Management of the Gegenbauer Group and spokesman for the management of the specialist company Gegenbauer Services, IntelliClean represents a highly interesting, innovative solution:

“The world of work and thus office usage concepts are changing rapidly at the moment, the keywords include mobile working or co-working. As a result, even rigid service directories are becoming less and less important or justified.

With IntelliClean, we are adapting to the growing flexibility requirements of our customers and the market. As a German first-time user, we are also still an interesting interlocutor and initiator for our clients.”

Kaspar Adank, Head of Innovation at IntelliClean developer Post Immobilien, adds:

“For IntelliClean, it is important to work with the largest and innovative cleaning providers. Only through the constant exchange of knowledge and the application of novel methods for product development can it be ensured that IntelliClean and its unique functionalities are best adapted to the needs of the German market.”