Streaming platforms have their benefits and specs. I am not only talking about the giant streaming platform like Netflix or Watched app. You must determine which platform is the best choice according to your preferences and requirements. Let’s look at these platforms individually. If you also want to know how gaming impacts your kids, just keep on reading.


Let’s start with the most influential platforms to draw more audience; several people are using Facebook. Particularly the businesses that utilize video marketing.

Advantages of Doing Facebook Live

  1. Reach out to a wide range of audiences: As we are all aware of, despite all the rumors, Facebook remains to be the most used social media platforms. Billions of people use it regularly. This simply means that if you do Livestream on Facebook, you will be able to get large audience.
  2. Expand your live video like my purchasing paid advertisement: If you are thinking of advertising on Facebook, think of video ads-they can quickly get people’s attention.
  3. Results and real-time feedback: Viewers will have the chance to give feedback on your video, or at least like it. This is a wonderful way to learn how impressive live video is.


Next to Facebook is Youtube. When you stream in YouTube typically implies having good-quality real-time video. If it’s fine to broadcast badly on Facebook, it’s not like it. Here, the quality of your broadcast is the most crucial, and you have to make sure you use the proper equipment.

  1. Your videos will stay there longer: On Facebook, real-time information sources are better to evergreen information. Facebook audiences are searching for the newest updates, and this platform is a video library consisting of evergreen video content. Even though your live video is finished, there may be a lot of people viewing it later.
  2. Your contents will be simpler to find: YouTube is the second largest search engine. If someone is searching for data in your niche, they will discover your page. If you like their content, they will follow your channel and get informed when you begin live streaming.
  3. Monetization is uncomplicated: If your page is optimized and has plenty of followers or subscribers, you can benefit from advertising.