Being a programmer can be an exciting job. Aside from being well-paid, the competition in the programming industry is not that high since it is one of the most difficult courses when it comes to computer studies. And even if there is a tight competition, if you are an expert in programming, you already have a spot in companies.

However, being a programmer also has disadvantages, these are the following:

  1. Being a programmer means having so much pressure on your job. Well, everyone feels pressure especially when it comes to work evaluation. Making sure that everything works fine and meets your employer’s expectations could create frustrations and overthinking. This can lead to being demotivated when you were not able to do everything as what you and they expect you to do it.
  2. A programmer’s job is done in front of the computer. Your task will not require you to stand and roam around but will make you sit for hours.
  3. A lot of companies do not only have morning shifts, but also mid and night shifts. Having said this, some of the programmers will be assigned at night. The body clock will be ruined as well as your metabolism. Consuming meals at night does not benefit anyone unless you will also change your routine (making night your day and vice versa).

Listed are just the general disadvantages of being a programmer. These are also being experienced by others. It is indeed noticeable that the disadvantages impact the overall health of a person, from mental, emotional, to physical. The important thing to do is to have balance. Learn how to weigh things in order to not lose your composure and be positive most of the time. Eat healthy and always make sure to make exercise as part of your daily routine. Start asking yourself What is Soma to know that loving yourself is taking good care of it.