More and more television is broadcast via IPTV and less and less via cable or satellite.

IPTV app: Brief introduction

IPTV apps are empty shells that cannot stream content without user input. It is your responsibility to add playlists, channels, and other sources.

Usually, you can’t use these apps to watch Hulu, Netflix, or any other third-party content.


IPTV software: What programs or options are there?

Strictly speaking, the following programs are not real IPTV, but software for Internet television or streaming. However, the term “iptv software” has become established in everyday language for all of these variants. IPTV software enables access to a large number of worldwide TV channels and video content. The reception on the PC takes place with small programs or tools or plugins for the Internet browser. Of course, you need relatively fast internet access.


The most popular and popular representative in Germany so far is probably “Zattoo”. A few years ago you still needed the Zattoo software for watching TV. Today, all you need to do is register for free or use the Zattoo app on smart TVs, tablets or smartphones. So it’s ideal for on the go, in the office or for those who don’t have a TV at all.


You can also watch TV for free via Joyn via app or browser. Here you can already watch live TV on many channels at no extra cost. The “price” is, so to speak, that there is always advertising. The paid Joyn +, on the other hand, offers more channels and functions with significantly less advertising.


In Waipu.TV of Freenet is a very special streaming offering. It works completely without a receiver or remote control. Everything is implemented via an app and your smartphone. If the flat-screen TV does not yet support Android, only a Google Chrome has to be switched in between. Complete! With the Waipu app, you can change channels, control recordings or browse the TV newspaper. Very convenient!


One of the few IPTV software tools that are still being developed is TVexe.The tool offers worldwide access to various TV channels, some even in HD. In addition, the tool has already won many awards. So it’s definitely worth a test.