Who still knows R2D2, the cute little robot from Star Wars? An irreplaceable helper on board the spaceship who, together with Luke Skywalker, takes on the fight against Darth Vader and the Death Star – and spreads a whistling good mood. He actually only communicates with whistling tones that nobody can understand – except for his robot friend C-3PO, which can always be found next to the small, barrel-shaped R2D2 with a shiny golden shine, slim and upright, and translates its whistling tones into an understandable language. The two make a perfect duo and provide variety and many beautiful moments.

Who still knows R2D2, the cute little robot from Star Wars?

Robots have long since ceased to be just fiction that provides film-ready material. On the contrary, Robots – just like R2D2, C-3PO or BB8 – are irreplaceable in our everyday lives and perform indispensable services. For example in packaging, where robots take over the assembly line work in factories. In the health sector, where they support professionals in neurological rehabilitation. Or at home in the garden, where the self-mowing lawnmower pulls its tracks with a quiet hum. These are just a few examples that robots are already indispensable and will become more and more important. Research has long been busy developing “everyday robots” that may soon be – who knows? – will no longer be a dream of the future.

What makes robot gifts for children so special?

Nowadays, robots for children may not always look exactly like the classic robots that we ourselves may have been given as gifts. No matter whether the robot looks like a human-like figure, like a ball, like a kitten, or like a vehicle – robots and robot kits are available in an infinite number of variations and for every imaginable area of ​​interest. There are a variety of self-programmable models that teach children how to do simple programming in a unique and intuitive way work, everything that is possible with robots, and – last but not least – the fun you can have with these wonderful and versatile toys. This kills several birds with one stone: the kids are happy about great toys that make time fly by, and they also learn how to use the simplest programming languages and understand how robots work. And who knows; maybe one day you will develop robots yourself that will play an important role in the everyday life of future generations?

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Programmable robot for children

Well-thought-out and sensibly developed self-programmable robots for children are already available for the little ones. The little robots are controlled by voice recognition, look cute, and are exciting through and through (for example the Clementoni 59027 Coding Lab-Doc for children from 5 years). In a playful way, the children learn to steer the robot in different directions, to do this they have to count and think logically – everything at an absolutely child-friendly level and with a lot of fun!