The design principles of presentations are constantly evolving. google slides themesThe design of the PowerPoint presentations and the performance of the speaker must always be adapted to current requirements especially if the presentation is about new software or program.

The only constant is change. This also applies to professional presentations. In some cases, developments are progressing so rapidly that only professionals who deal with presentations on a daily basis can keep track of things. But do you really have to include every trend and every new technology in your presentation? If you really want to convince with a professional appearance, the answer is usually yes. Design and presentation technology can quickly appear old-fashioned if you use old techniques in front of an experienced audience. Knowing the latest google slides themes is vital when designing slides.

Two presentation megatrends particularly determine the presentation: Exciting storytelling and strong visualization.

Software slides: Storytelling is on everyone’s lips

A story is part of a good presentation. In the past, the more facts, the better. Today, stories, riddled with information, have to provide the main part of the persuasive power.

Software slides: Professional visualization

The second megatrend is a presentation that is precisely tailored to the storytelling and with a convincing implementation. Visualization is valued more highly than rhetoric today. A strong visualization underpins professionalism. Information and entertaining elements support the central message.

Software slides: Pictorial communication

You can transfer knowledge and information via graphics and images. Individual words or extensive texts are increasingly being replaced or translated by icons and pictograms. Animations also replace static slides.

Software slides: 3-D design

The design elements have been changing since 2016. In the past, for example, flat designs, material designs, or texture designs were widespread. Today the trend is towards 3D designs. In 2019, the isometric representation will go its way to success

Software PowerPoint is the undisputed number one

PowerPoint is the dominant presentation tool on the market. PowerPoint integrated the functionality of the niche providers in 2016 and offers more and more AI elements in the software, such as the automatic processing of images.

These trends will remain or even gain in importance in the years to come. Ignoring them would mean that you are foregoing important levers for your successful presentation.