Programmer making music!

Nowadays, music has an inseparable relationship with computers. Computer-based music is available everywhere, including “Vocaloid” represented by “Hatsune Miku”, which has become a mega-hit worldwide from the Internet, game sound effects, editing of songs sung by artists, and back music for commercials. This time, I would like to introduce “Sound Programmer” who is a programmer who makes music and make the website such as ‘convert mp3’. This article is useful information for those who want to become a sound programmer or who want to know about sound programmers, in an easy-to-understand manner about the work contents of sound programmers, required skills, annual income, and how to become.

What is a sound creator?
You’re so familiar with the sounds that you’ll never hear electronic sounds from a computer, but you don’t know much about how to make music with a computer. However, I think you’ve heard the word “sound creator” somewhere. What kind of profession is a sound creator? Sound Creator is a general term for occupations that create digital music using computers. Depending on the production company and the form of work, there is a way to do everything by one person, but in general, it is a division of labor, a sound director who comprehensively produces music, a sound composer who is in charge of composition, a sound programmer, etc. It is divided into professions. In recent years, with the spread of video sites, sound creators have been in the limelight as a profession and are attracting attention as a popular profession.

What kind of work is a sound programmer?
A sound programmer is a programmer who actually digitizes music composed by a sound composer using a computer. For sound effects such as games and BGM, it is also the job of the sound programmer to create sounds that are linked to the game, from the strength of the sounds, how they overlap, and from the beginning to the stop. In addition, the range of work has increased considerably, such as creating sounds for train stations and making music for commercials. So how do you go about digitizing music? The method of creating music using a computer is commonly referred to as DTM (Desktop Music). DTM needs a computer system that enables its production. The generic name for that computer system is DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Currently, many products have been announced as DAWs, so sound programmers will digitize their music using DAWs that match their music production. Typical DAWs include “Cubase”, “Logic”, and “Ableton Live”. Traditionally, when creating music, the method was to play an instrument along the score written by the composer and record it, but with DTM, if you have a computer and a system (DAW), Even if you can’t read the score or play an instrument, you can still make music.

What skills do sound programmers need?
What skills do you need to become a sound programmer? Sound programmers do not need qualifications such as national qualifications. However, just because nothing is available does not mean that everyone can be, and it requires a minimum of skill. I will introduce you. First of all, computer knowledge is required. Not surprisingly, DTMs need a DAW to serve as their system. Since a DAW is a computer system, you can’t operate it without the basic technology to handle it. Secondly, knowledge related to sound is also required. This also requires a minimum of knowledge, such as sound effects, residual sounds, how to take strength and weakness, and how to give a sense of unity. Third, knowledge of MIDI is also required. MIDI is an abbreviation for Musical Instruments Digital Interface, which means a route connecting a computer and an electronic musical instrument. By connecting with a MIDI cable, it is possible to record and arrange the sound source of an electronic musical instrument played by a performer on a computer, but if you do not have basic knowledge of MIDI, you can capture sound and I can’t arrange it.

How does a sound programmer work and what is his annual income?
The first way to work as a sound programmer is to get a job at a music production company or a game production company. As a newcomer to a professional group, it makes a lot of sense to experience the work of a sound programmer. It is a method of absorbing knowledge while doing practical work for several years, and when you become confident in your skills, you can stand alone. In addition, if it is a limited method such as mastering the DAW, hourly wage system or contract employment may be considered.

From now on, the demand for the profession of “sound programmer” and eventually “sound creator” will increase, and it seems that the base will expand. For those who like music and games and want to get involved in them in some way in the future, the profession of sound programmer and sound creator is attractive. We hope that this article will be of some help to anyone interested in sound programmers and sound creators.