Programming requires concentration and dedication, plus, deliveries are extremely stressful and hectic, so it’s crucial to form an ideal work-home balance.

Engaging during a hobby is one of the various things programmers can use as a coping and relaxing mechanism and if it doesn’t involve coding, even better! Yet, there are some hobbies that besides relaxing and fun can sharpen your skills.

Aside from these amazing TL Hobby Ideas, we selected 5 hobbies that may proudly wear our in-house developers’ ‘stamp of approval’:


What is programming if not writing? within the end, you’re writing lines and features of code. Writing is a superb hobby to relax yet sharpen your coding skills and even your expertise on several subjects. You can start with articles associated with your own work and position, specializing in programming and technology, or choose something different, like one-shot adventurous stories. To share your articles if your interests suit the platform, or write for fun and share your adventures with a community that matches your expressive style, start your own blog, or use websites like Medium. Benefiting you intellectually, physiologically, and emotionally, improving your memory, retention and even greater feelings of happiness is an activity called Writing.

Co-Op Games

Unless you’re doing freelance work, chances are high that you’re coding with a team.

Cooperative Games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and CS, not only develop your communication skills but how you perform during a group context. They enhance cooperative tendencies to succeed in a typical goal, a bit like when you’re engaged on a software development project together with your colleagues. You’ll even be ready to develop leadership skills, which are able to translate into a far better job performance if you’re a senior developer or perhaps considering becoming a project manager. Coordinating a team is just about identical, either you’re playing as an elf or at the office, managing the communication between developers and stakeholders.


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Raspberry Pi

If you’re a programmer, you most likely played or a minimum of, know someone who likes to experiment around this teeny-tiny computer. Raspberry Pi could be an SBC (single board computer) and very popular! There’s a whole community dedicated to Raspberry Pi and filled with enthusiasts that use the dear little computer to develop personal and out-of-the-box projects.

You can easily find step-by-step tutorials and unlimited lists about small and easy-peasy projects so you’ll be able to start together with your own Raspberry Pi.

Logic Games

From our experience, we will tell most programmers are into logical games – you’ll find a Rubix cube in every room of our office. It is smart because logical skills are extremely important in programming. Deductive thinking is the key to unraveling and winning these games, whether it’s the old but gold Tetris, the sunbathing perfect company Sudoku, or modern mobile and console-based games like Minesweeper, Antichamber, Braid, and the Witness.

While having fun, why not improve your analytical skills and memory?

Play a Musical Instrument

If you’re into music, playing a device is additionally a awfully good idea. If we put our thoughts into it, there are lots of similarities between coding and music – both fields require the training of processes, and playing an instrument develops the brain areas that process math and language, while improving analytical and fine motor skills, likewise as memory, problem-solving and executive thinking.